SF Housing Accountability's aims

  • the elimination of Leasehold and Freehold Abuses within the Cambridge Southern Fringe;
  • the resolution or mitigation of particular instances of such Abuses and other Housing Problems in the Catchment Area;
  • the fostering of collaboration between those dealing with Housing Problems across the Southern Fringe;
  • the education and training of its Members and others on Housing Problems, and the conduct of related research, and
  • the promotion of the interests, both of the Members and the general public in the UK, in relation to Housing Problems.

What we do

  • collect, organise, store and publish information about Housing Problems in the Cambridge Southern Fringe
  • robustly ensure that such information is acted upon
  • communicate results of such actions to Members
  • crowdsource the Register of Leasehold and Freehold Abuses
  • record instances of such Abuses and other Housing Problems within the Southern Fringe via FixMyStreet
  • research and propose reforms to alleviate these Problems
  • encourage the formation of, registration of and participation in Recognised Tenants’ Associations where such bodies do not already exist, or where they are unregistered
  • liaise with, and refer Housing Problems to: police, regulators, press, media, politicians and other appropriate individuals and bodies
  • develop IT systems and software
  • network, collaborate and cooperate with those outside the Southern Fringe facing similar concerns

Current activity

Though formally only established in February 2021, members have been engaged and planning action and campaigns for much longer, through pre-existing networks and organisations

Register the Abuses

We maintain and crowdsource the Register of Leasehold and Freehold Abuses

Fleecehold moratorium

We propose a moratorium on planning new fleecehold estates until the existing ones have been fixed

Secure the bike stores

We campaign to get developers to fix the insecure bike stores from which so many bikes have now been stolen

Want to help out?

You or your local residents group can join as members. Membership is free of charge.

About us


The association is structured as a non-profit company; the chairman is Martin Keegan, who is secretary of the residents association in Trumpington Meadows. You may join as a voting member using the Join link above.

Formal details about the association and its governance available here.